Violence in Dating Relationships

April 2009

One in three teenagers has experienced violence in a dating relationship. It is important to remember that it can happen to anyone. This includes your child.

In today's society we often ignore small problems and focus on the really big issues, "no blood no foul" so to speak. Teenagers, especially, do not seem to understand that it is the small problems left unresolved that create the bigger problems.

If you have a teenager in a relationship here are a few things to watch for in determining whether they are in an unhealthy or harmful relationship:

  • Seem to be focusing on another person only and neglect themselves.
  • Do not seem to be enjoying the things they love.
  • Seem afraid of the other person.
  • Are more defiant since they have been with the other person.
  • Isolate themselves from all other friends.
  • Seem to be losing or have lost all of their self-esteem.
  • Starts making excuses for the inappropriate behavior of the other person.

If you have seen one or more of these symptoms in your child there is something you can do. They may try to tell you it is none of you business, but as their parent it is more than your business it is your responsibility to keep your child safe.

The longer a person is in an abusive relationship the less likely they are to seek help. If you suspect a problem it is imperative that you take action immediately.

Teenagers are dealing with a lot of emotions. They are learning to cope physically with new hormones and growth spurts, not to mention emotionally with new responsibilities and social skills. It is important to remember that teenagers are not adults. They do not always make resonable decisions. As parents, we need to step in when we think the situation has become a bad one for our teen.

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